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Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL)



The Seventh-day Adventist Church strongly believes
in religious freedom for all people. A person's conscience,
not government, should dictate his or her choice to worship—or not.

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Pastor Nathaniel Gamble
Public Affairs & Religious Liberty Director
Rocky Mountain Conference
Denver, Colorado
Contact: nathanielgamble@outlook.com


  • The Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Department exists to inform thought leaders of religious liberty issues, point out the needs and rights of minorities, influence legislation to protect the rights of citizens to freely exercise their religious freedom, and to defend the rights of church members to freely exercise their faith and religious freedom.

  • Any member who needs help regarding a work-related Sabbath issue may contact their local pastor or Public Affairs and Religious Liberty director.

  • We believe in religious freedom for ourselves as well as for others. Liberty magazine, designed for thought leaders (local, state-wide and national), helps accomplish this goal. Each church is invited to participate in the Liberty campaign during the month of January in order to make Liberty available to thought leaders across America. The funds received from this campaign also provide legal counsel to assist members in getting fair treatment in the workplace and in the courts.



PARL Staff:

North American Division
of Seventh-day Adventists

Orlan M. Johnson, Director of PARL


Melissa Reid, Associate Director of PARL

Bettina Krause, Liberty Editor of PARL

Our mission

To proclaim and defend the God-given gift of religious freedom which is integral to our prophetic role as Seventh-day Adventists® and primary evangelistic efforts.

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Contact PARL:

North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL)
9705 Patuxent Woods Drive
Columbia, MD 21046-1565, USA

Phone: 443.391.7257





    How we serve

    • Distribute Liberty magazine to nearly 200,000 mostly non-Adventist thought leaders, who include federal and state legislators, judiciary, lawyers, mayors, and many others identified as having an interest in religious liberty

    • Maintain a litigation fund to defend Adventists' religious convictions in the workplace

    • Involve members through the North American Religious Liberty Association, which together with Liberty magazine and the General Conference sponsors events in Washington and elsewhere, such as the annual Religious Liberty dinner, congressional visitation and training sessions for legislative liaison work

    • Interact with public officials and represent our church viewpoint to policy makers

    • Produce regular weekly television and radio programs broadcasted nationally and internationally